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Oscar met his health goals:

  • Lowered cardiac plaque score
  • Stopped grinding his teeth
  • Sleeping better
  • Changed his perspective on stress
  • Changed his lifestyle
  • Lowered his cholesterol
  • Lowered his triglycerides dramatically
  • Glucose went down
  • Lost weight
  • Overall well-being increased

Shannon met her health goals:

  • Quit smoking
  • Lost weight
  • Changed her lifestyle: eating better, more exercise
  • Teaching her kids how to be healthy
  • Lowered her blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol went down
  • Bad cholesterol LDL went down and good cholesterol HDL went up
  • Triglycerides went down dramatically
  • Feeling happier overall

More Testimonials

“I have fibromyalgia. I can honestly say I see 99% improvement from following the RENEW Program. Since I started this program I have no pain. This is a miracle for me. My total cholesterol has gone down and my triglycerides have gone down dramatically. I am handling the stressors in my life differently. There is so much I didn’t know before this program! I have made many, many changes in what I reach for and what I feed my family. My 8 year old has had some health issues and since we’ve been following the RENEW Program he is doing better too. My teen is even making better food choices! I am so grateful for this program and am recommending it to everyone I see.”

— Conni, college administrator

“Within six month I had the lowest total cholesterol reading I have ever had, and without medication. The lowest it was on medication was 240, now it’s 197. I also reduced the amount of plaque in my heart. The program really delivered. The stress management was the standout for me. I had a back injury at work that now causes career uncertainty. It’s a tremendous stressor. I learned how to communicate more effectively when something’s going on, which my wife appreciates. I’ve learned how to pay attention to my personal signs of stress and discuss it. The tools I’ve gained from the program are things I use every day now. I’m much less stressed about food. I have had a lifelong eating disorder, which is now completely manageable. This is a big win for me! My profession is a stressful one and the stress of seeing trauma was contributing to my eating disorder. I’ve learned to be more balanced; what to do with my anger, instead of holding it in. I feel better about life overall. I highly recommend this program to public safety workers but also for everyone.”

— Don, Battalion Chief, firefighter

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